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Provincial Government
Ministry Of Land Management, Agriculture & Co-operative
Province No. 5, Butwal, Nepal


To make employment opportunity by transforming this area by making the policy of using co-operative sector in the development of the state’s economic, social and agricultural sector based on the nature of the land and creating competitive conditions through mechanization, commercialization, marketing and modernization in agriculture and animal production and trade.

Referring to the state’s security and nutrition security, contributing to poverty reduction and national economy will also be expected.

In order to achieve self-sustainability in the field of agriculture and livestock production by operating the cooperative sector through the scientific management of land and through the social justice-based land use, the export of this area will be exportable.

1. To promote the sustainable and equitable economic social development of the state by developing and expanding the cooperative-based production, enterprise and service business by promoting the principles and values ​​of the cooperative.
2. By utilizing modern technology in agriculture sector, increase the production and productivity by promoting competitive capacity and to promote agricultural industry.
3. Encouraging the use of technology in animal follow-up, to ensure the availability of professional, competitive and healthy animals, and self-sustainability in livestock production, this area will be developed as a means of earning income as well as medium of employment.

main key tasks
1) Creating, implementation and regulation of agriculture, agricultural production, regional industrialization, agricultural policy, law, criteria, procedures, directories and planning related to this.
2) infrastructure development, agricultural training, study, research, capacity development, minimum value support of agricultural yield, to make agricultural insurance work.
3) To establish animal policy related policy, law, criteria, directory procedure.
4) To conduct work related to disease control and nutrition improvement, market development and expansion, study research, training and capacity development for healthy and commercial animal production.
5) To conduct work related to determining regional food security and nutrition rights, food sovereignty and food quality.
6) Land management, land administration and land measuring, land land, land use, dump and ground land management, land squad, dalit etc., settlement of livelihoods, livelihood and rehabilitation, government land rentals, provision of state policy laws and criteria related to safe settlement To implement, implement and regulate the work.
7) Providing and implementing regional policy, laws, planning and criteria related to cooperative and implementation.
8) Providing and implementing federal policy, law, planning and criteria regarding poverty prevention.